Calling All Adults With ADHD…

Ready To Lift The Weight Of Overwhelm And Live Comfortably In Your Bustling Brain?

The free 3-day audio series for busy professionals with ADHD looking to clear the fog of frustration and shame, establish a vision for their life, and develop unyielding momentum toward their goals. 

Mindset Magic:
Overwhelm Edition


    Communicate and receive the support you need by developing acute awareness about your unique ADHD behaviors. 

    Transform insurmountable goals into a doable plan filled with straightforward, inspired action items.

    Dig into the root cause of the pile of stressors that keep you stuck; allowing you to develop solutions to overcome them.

    Follow proven exercises that shape your new knowledge into a framework of forward momentum.

    To Sweeten The Deal, I’ve Added In…

    If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


    A Bonus Workbook Filled with thought-provoking prompts that drive productive brainstorms.

    Day 1:
    Redefine Your Workload

    Feeling unbelievable stress around your growing list of demanding to-dos? 

    This lesson is for you, including:

    An in-depth look at how emotional attachments to external circumstances cause you to spiral and keep you frozen.

    Learn my technique for calming your nervous system and releasing the building tension you feel every day.

    Discover why your brain sends negative, strong signals to your body when you are experiencing overwhelm.

    This awareness allows you to recover in moments of distress while developing a plan to quickly recuperate and forge ahead. 

    Of What's Inside

    Here's a Sneak Peek

    Day 2:
    Reframing Overwhelm

    Feeling like your brain has 100 tabs open, all of them unread? Let’s close some of them together.

    On day 2, we will…

    Create an overwhelm inventory of those all-consuming thoughts. This guides you to find places where you can simplify your mental space and free up your bandwidth. 

    Learn how to challenge your thoughts. Reconstructing your perspective is the first step in contesting the inner chatter that keeps you from moving forward. 

    Start to detach your worth from performance and instead focus on how to complement the way you process information to enhance productivity.

    Day 3: Root Cause Analysis: ADHD Style

    The source of anxious thoughts and all-encompassing uneasiness might be more involved than you think. 

    That’s why today is all about…

    Performing a Root Cause Analysis to reveal what’s (really) causing the prominent stressors in your life.

    Putting this technique into action while learning why it helps to get to the source of your current setbacks. 

    Seeing an example of how this method works in real life to overcome obstacles so that you can implement this into your life – now and in the future. 

    Audio Manifesto Guide

    Bonus #2

    Become unstoppable

    We all know listening to something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and actually taking steps to implement techniques are two very different things. 

    This workbook will:

    Give you action items to work on after each daily lesson.

    Prompt you with stimulating questions meant to help you deep dive into how your Adult ADHD is presenting itself.

    Force you to take baby steps toward the big-picture aspirations you have for your life. 

    It’s time to create a personal manifesto for your life! 

    Doing so will help you: 

    Give you action items to work on after each daily lesson.

    Prompt you with stimulating questions meant to help you deep dive into how your Adult ADHD is presenting itself.

    Force you to take baby steps toward the big-picture aspirations you have for your life. 

    Accompanying Workbook 

    BONUS #1

    Plus Two

    Limited Time Bonuses


    I’ll be your guide through this comprehensive audio series.

    My story, like yours I’m sure, is complex and filled with anger, triumph, and my fair share of healing.

    Being diagnosed with ADHD later in life propelled me on a journey of self-discovery and understanding that I never knew was possible. 

    While I had spent years in therapy before transforming my relationship with anger and grappling with the hardships I’ve experienced, I always felt there was an undercurrent of anguish I couldn’t identify… 

    Until my children were being screened for ADHD. As I learned more about their diagnosis, I started seeing bit by bit that it was possible I had ADHD. 

    This revelation helped me to unpack the decades of constant overwhelm, struggling to keep up, and not being able to follow through on my goals. 

    The same emotions that you might be facing.

    Once I was able to stop masking my symptoms and develop systems that helped me put my life back together… I wanted scratch that needed to help others do the same. 

    I’ve spent the last several years coaching individuals with Adult ADHD. I help them manage symptoms while fully understanding how ADHD impacts them so I can build systems, strategies, and safety nets to enhance their quality of life. 

    This audio series is a glimpse at how I start this process with my clients. 

    Inside, you’ll be able to follow the same steps and start unpacking all the ways ADHD affects you. 

    My belief is that this work will start you on your own journey of healing, finding answers, and triumphing with your ADHD. 

     I'm Jen

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