Can we be more than internet strangers?

hey, I'm JEN

Here’s my story (wrapped in some helpful life lessons) so grab your favorite warm, frothy drink, and let’s get to know each other. 

That’s how long I struggled with shame, guilt, depression, anxious feelings, unfinished projects, damaged relationships, bad financial decisions, and self-loathing.

I invested in books that I left unread. 
I tried to work through a depression diagnosis, but couldn’t get to the root of what was keeping me on this emotional roller coaster. 

I watched everyone else lap me while I was working non-stop just to barely keep up with my responsibilities. 

I felt like a failure. I let those negative beliefs about myself keep me stuck and unfulfilled in every aspect of my life. 

45 Years

In the room where my children were receiving diagnoses for their own executive functioning issues, it finally clicked. 

The more I learned about ADHD, the more I started identifying the symptoms that come with the diagnosis I eventually received. 

It was a revelation. Yet, I still felt a mix of emotions. 

Grief. Mourning all the years I “could’ve been doing so much if I knew about my ADHD.”

Anger. Reflecting on the limited resources and support I received throughout my life.

Overwhelm. Trying to process the substantial (and confusing) information I needed in order to try and manage my ADHD. 

Then, I told myself…

My Eyes Opened.

It’s not recognizing you have ADHD. It’s what you do next. 

My process looked like:

I was confident. 
I trusted myself and my abilities. 

I was proud of the mother, the partner, the friend, and the productive adult I was embodying. 

What I learned is it’s not about perfection. 

Unlearning “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Getting clear on how my brain processed information, then setting up systems that allowed me to succeed.

Understanding the support I needed professionally and personally, then mustering up the confidence to ask for it.

In 9 months I started to see the version of myself I had always wanted to become.

It’s about releasing the pressure to strive for perfection. 

Refusing to mask my symptoms anymore. I started to show up in my life authentically and as my whole self. 

Joining the neurodiverse community opened my eyes to the expansiveness of the Adult ADHD population.

I knew I couldn’t sit on the processes, systems, and strategies that had turned my life around. 

I refused to gatekeep from others who were still stuck in the chaos I lived through. 

I was ready to share the tools I used to:

Coming out of a decades-long fog allowed me to identify in others the same struggles I once faced. 

Complete the half-finished degree I’d abandoned years before.

Give myself permission to visualize what a fulfilling, meaningful life looked like for me.

Repair damaged relationships and strengthen the bond between myself and my loved ones.

Get off the high-and-low emotional rollercoaster I’d be thrill-seeking on for years. 

Once I was able to really dream about how I wanted to impact the ADHD community, I started taking massive action to make it happen. 

That Brings Me To You. 

I love that you are aware of your ADHD. 
My question is… what are you doing about it? 

More importantly, what are you letting it hold you back from?

Do you find yourself touting things like…

“I’m already so unorganized with my current workload, why strive for more?”
“I’m exhausted from avoiding symptoms all day, I’ve got zero energy to prioritize myself.”
“I’m barely keeping my head above water, when will I have time for personal development?”

My answer to these thoughts?

ADHD Gives Us Explanations, Not Excuses. 

I’m ready to help you get there

If you are longing to…

Go after that dream career you’ve always wanted.
Start the purpose-driven business you feel the pull to create. 
Have the bandwidth to learn what your passions and calling are. 

Here’s What I’m All About

Helping Adults with ADHD who are committed to making a change with proven techniques and the vital skills that help gain traction toward their individual ambitions. 

What Does This Mean For You? 

You’ll Have:

Consolidated tools and coping skills that help with day-to-day activities. 

Techniques to calm the mental chaos and lessen your emotional reactivity.

Faith in yourself, your decisions, and your aptitude.

The ability to handle your responsibilities and enjoy time with loved ones, while honoring commitments to others and yourself. 

Late Bloomers Still Blossom 

A Gentle Reminder If You’re Still Questioning If This Is Possible For You

Let go of what could’ve been to start making room for what can be. 


How about it?

I’d love to hear more about your challenges and the obstacles keeping you from thriving. Share a few details with me and I’ll provide you with your exact next steps. 

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