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An online program for adults with ADHD ready to uncover the root cause of unwanted behaviors, co-create a plan to address cognitive and physiological barriers, and enhance their quality of life. 

Unstoppable With ADHD

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Personalized ADHD Brain Owners Manual

Weekly Strategy Sessions & Coaching Calls

Co-Working Magic Hours

Our first step is to collaborate on an individual plan based on your unique ADHD challenges. I’ll dive into how ADHD is impacting your life. Then, I’ll create a manual filled with resources to address your behaviors and patterns. 

At the end of our time together, you’ll be sent a physical version of this manual to refer to for years to come. 

Once a month, we will meet 1:1 to review your progress and manage setbacks while you continue chipping away at your goals.

All members will meet weekly to go over action items and strategize schedules for the upcoming week.

These pre-scheduled work sessions are designed for members to virtually meet and work on their plans. 

As an added layer of accountability, this time will help you stay on track and complete the work you’ve started. Grab your favorite beverage, meet us online, and let’s get to work!


Weekly Planning Calls

Support Between Calls

If you’re craving a community of Adults with ADHD who understand what you’re going through, you’ve found it. 

This is an inclusive space where individuals can connect, provide encouragement, and share unique perspectives.

In addition to our strategy sessions, we’ll also meet once a week to debrief how the previous week went and confirm the next week’s plan. 

After our time together, this ADHD-friendly planning system will improve your productivity while reducing overwhelm. 

As you work through the lessons, your ADHD manual, and upcoming projects… resistance will manifest itself. 

When this happens, you’ll have access to reach out directly. I’m here to help guide you until resistance is a thing of the past.

Here's What's Included

Find Yourself Facing Common Adult ADHD Challenges? These Include…

Constant Regression. Trying tools or tips you find online that don’t help, leaving you feeling like a failure. 

Exhaustion. Being continually drained by the end of the day with no bandwidth for your personal and professional goals.

Leaning On Temporary Relief. The kind that leads to you feeling worse off than you were before. Looking at you, late-night online shopping! 

Unfulfillment. Life continues to pass you by while you just go through the motions. 

Feeling Unsupported. Tackling everything on your own, while being left to your own devices at work and home.

Restrictive Thought Patterns. Preventing you from discovering your purpose or pursuing your passions. 

This Program Is The Fuel You Need To Create Meaningful Momentum

Living Positively With ADHD Helps You:

Manage your energy by working with your unique energy patterns.

Uncover your passions or purpose-driven ideas that have laid dormant for years.

Build lasting confidence in your abilities.

Stabilize your mood while effectively processing emotional responses.

Begin to trust your inner self.

Hold yourself accountable to the things you set out to do by creating a supportive environment.

Reduce Overwhelm

Pillar #2

None of the tools or techniques I teach will work if we aren’t first self-aware, and have a foundational positive mindset.  

We start by recognizing the symptoms of ADHD that greatly impact your life. 

From there, we’re able to accept ADHD as part of your life, rather than a flaw. 

We will also work to curate a positive mindset, while working on organization and focus-boosting skills. 

“Overwhelm” is the understatement of the century when it comes to the overpowering thoughts that stifle your progress. 

In this Pillar, we will work through:

Goal Setting and Planning for Short-Term and Long-Term Success

Strategies to Organize Tasks, Belongings, and Thoughts

Focusing Techniques to Reduce Distraction and Increase Efficiency

Understanding and Acceptance


Unstoppable with adhd

This is exactly what we’ll do in my newest offering…

Here’s A Glimpse At My Method In Motion

Tools and Techniques for Time Management

Relationships And Career Growth


Dysregulated emotions due to ADHD, coupled with a negative sense of self, leads to strain on personal and professional relationships. 

Together, we will uncover practical strategies to process emotions, improve communication, and strengthen those important bonds in your life. 

This is accomplished with: 

Strategies for Building Strong and Supportive Connections

Mastering your Emotions

Navigating Workplace Challenges with Confidence

Become unstoppable

Effective Communication Skills for Work and Personal Relationships

Balance And Mastery

Pillar #4

The only way to manage ADHD for the long term is with continued practice, learning, and action. 

This last pillar does just that. 

I’ll provide you with exercises you can carry on with you past our time together. We’ll also set clear goals and celebrate the achievements you’ve made thus far! 

We do this by: 

Reflecting on Progress and Setting Future Goals

Building Resilience and Stress Management Skills

Creating Strategies for Ongoing Growth and Adaptation

Implementing Healthy Work-Life Balance Practices

Tools for Career Advancement and Satisfaction

You'll Gain Access to These Bonuses...


Understanding Your Nervous System Course

Dealing with impulsive spending habits? Struggling to maintain employment? 
Finding it hard to stick to a budget? 
Have a track record of poor credit?

You’re not alone. 

Executive functioning difficulties contribute to adults in the ADHD community’s unhealthy relationship with personal finances. 

To improve your financial wellness, I’ve included resources that equip you with effective money management skills.

ADHD develops when both the brain and the central nervous system are impaired during growth and development. 

While executive functions are commonly addressed when it comes to ADHD, the nervous system is often left out in the cold. Yet, it holds the key to regulating and processing emotions more effectively.

In this course, we’ll dive into how you can calm your nervous system and lessen emotional reactivity. I’ll go through the practical approaches that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. 




I Can’t Wait To Be ADHD Buddies For Life…

Being diagnosed with ADHD later in life propelled me on a journey of self-discovery and understanding that I never knew was possible. 

While I had spent years in therapy before transforming my relationship with anger and grappling with the hardships I’ve experienced, I always felt there was an undercurrent of anguish I couldn’t identify… 

Until my children were being screened for ADHD.

As I learned more about their diagnosis, I started seeing bit by bit that it was possible I had ADHD. 

This revelation helped me to unpack the decades of constant overwhelm, struggling to keep up, and not being able to follow through on my goals. 

Once I was able to stop masking my symptoms and develop systems that helped me put my life back together… I wanted scratch that needed to help others do the same. 

I’ve spent the last several years coaching individuals with Adult ADHD. I help them manage symptoms while fully understanding how ADHD impacts them so I can build systems, strategies, and safety nets to enhance their quality of life. 

I hope to do the same for you in my newest program. 

 I'm Jen