Before you can start incorporating tools and techniques to manage ADHD executive function concerns, you have to uncover the self-concept that keeps you stuck. 

If you think you’re going to fail again, you will.
If you think you’ll never get anything done, you won’t. 

My process nudges you to uncover repressed shame and guilt, while helping you dismantle the damaging false narrative you’ve adopted as truth. 

What happens when you detach from this mental makeup? Freedom. 

Freedom from the endless self-criticism. 
Freedom from under-productivity shame and poor performance guilt. 
Freedom from the expectation that your brain has to work like a neurotypical one to be successful. 

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A Glimpse Into My Process

Let these three powerful words give you permission to evolve into the responsible, successful, professional version of yourself you are itching to become. 

Before you can start taking charge in the boardroom, you’ve got to take charge of yourself. 

Here’s What This Looks Like:

You Can Change

Before You Take One More Step On Your ADHD Exploration, You Must Accept That:

Root cause Coaching

Accountability And Community 

Personalized ADHD Brain Owners Manual

Together, we’ll dig into the root causes of your ADHD-related behaviors, patterns, and 
deep-seated beliefs. 

This informs your individual strategy more than simply naming the 
surface-level symptoms you’re dealing with. 

Once I learned I had ADHD, I craved community and support. Other members of the ADHD community who understood what I was going through, normalized the struggles that made me feel isolated, and held me accountable. 

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I created it. Our community is a place of support and commitment.

If you ever wanted a manual for your brain… this is it. It will illuminate how ADHD impacts every facet of your life and provide practical solutions to work through named challenges. 

I also integrate nervous system and somatic exercises, as ADHD isn’t just a cognitive challenge, it’s also a physiological one. 






Practical Solutions. No 400-page tedious textbooks to read or overcomplicated processes to master. What I teach is real-world, real-life, and real substantial. 

Intuitive Habits. Learn to trust yourself, limit self-sabotaging behaviors, and enrich your well-being. 

Flexibility. Adults with ADHD typically have a love/hate relationship with a rigid structure. It can feel suffocating, yet we need a routine to function. My ADHD-friendly planning techniques provide the guidance to design your life for greater fulfillment.

Fun. Not the first thing you think of when taking on this work, I know. However, I’ve found that self-improvement is not only enjoyable, but also an extremely fulfilling experience. Not to mention, I’ve got jokes for days I can’t wait to share. *Is my mic on?*

Honesty. Coddling gets us nowhere. I’m here to call you out (with love) on the nonsense that’s getting in the way of the meaningful, purposeful life you desire. I want you to get out of your own way and bring true success to light.

from working with me:

What to expect

Root Cause Coaching

This is where my ADHD coaching deviates from traditional practices. 

 While there are overarching tools that help alleviate ADHD symptoms, no two prognoses present the same. Mainly due to factors that vary in each of our lives. 

This may require delving into past experiences, entrenched beliefs, or emotional traumas to fully comprehend the source of specific behaviors.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Process Step

Personalized ADHD Brain 
Owners Manual

Curating a handbook to manage your ADHD is the bedrock of the work we do.

This comprehensive manual is filled with coping skills, practical practices, and user-friendly resources.

At the end of our sessions, I’ll send you a physical copy to refer back to time and time again.

Accountability and Community

Once you have your very own ADHD manual, it’s time to take action. You’ll notice once you commit to the work and begin to learn new systems, resistance will surface. 

That’s when accountability and leaning on a supportive circle come into play. 

I’ll be available to answer questions or provide guidance as you move forward. You’ll also be able to tap into other members of the ADHD community for understanding and encouragement. 

Yes! I’m Ready For An Individual ADHD Plan!

Sick of the constant tug of anxiousness, unchecked harmful patterns, and heightened emotions preventing you from living a rewarding life? 

Are You Done Masking Your Symptoms?

My last question is pretty straightforward…

A free 3-day audio series for busy professionals with ADHD looking to clear the fog of frustration and shame, establish a vision for their life, and develop unyielding momentum toward their goals. 

Ready To Lift The Weight Of Overwhelm And Live Comfortably In Your Bustling Brain?

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