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Customized insights and notes from Coach Jen in your Brain Owner's Manual.

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Worksheets to help you dig deeper and learn to coach yourself when you hit a roadblock.

Daily support via the Voxer voice messaging app or Marco Polo video app - your choice. This is where you get in-the-moment support, encouragement and inspiration from me!

Weekly 50 minute 1:1 Zoom coaching call at a time that works best for your schedule.

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My approach to working with Adult ADHD is more than sharing a few time management tools. 

While there are overarching methods that help alleviate ADHD symptoms, no two prognoses present the same. Mainly due to factors that vary in each of our lives. 

I hone in on those deep-seated beliefs that stem from your unique background to make sure we’re not just addressing superficial symptoms. 

That’d be like putting a band-aid on an open wound.  

My story, like yours I’m sure, is complex and filled with confusion, shame, anger, triumph, and my fair share of healing. 

Want to know how I went from having a complicated relationship with ADHD to helping myself and others?

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